List #2: TV shows I would miss

In my last post, I contemplated giving up watching TV long term.  I mentioned some shows that I would miss, but I thought of several more.  Perhaps this will help me make my decision:

  1. Project Runway
  2. So You Think You Can Dance
  3. Bones
  4. Downton Abbey (and other Masterpiece Mystery/Classic shows)
  5. 30 Rock
  6. The Oprah Winfrey Show (though her show will be gone soon)
  7. Reruns of Arrested Development, Seinfeld, and Friends

Not really that many.  Maybe I can do without them.

2 thoughts on “List #2: TV shows I would miss”

  1. I talked to Ted about this and I think I’m okay with watching something communally, something that we can all talk about together as we are watching it. And I may have to watch at your house — we may get rid of the TV!

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