List #3: Things I have given up

In all this talk about giving up TV, I’ve decided to list some of the things I’ve already given up:

  1. chocolate
  2. caffeine
  3. reading a book just because it is a “classic”
  4. most of my VHS tapes (even Tommy Boy and Funny Girl, some of my favorites)
  5. several books to Half Price Books (although this was to make room for more books)
  6. the idea that my house will ever be really clean again due to one uber-slobbery dog.
  7. watching a movie just because it is “arty” and “cool” (Sorry, Fellini)
  8. the idea that I will ever fit into my clothes from high school again, even though Ted’s wardrobe is currently made up of such clothes.
  9. worrying about what other people think.
  10. wearing sandals in the summer (orthotics and sandals don’t mix)

What have you given up?

4 thoughts on “List #3: Things I have given up”

  1. I’ve given up chocolate for Lent a few times – though never for good. Like you, I’ve given up reading books just because they’re “classics” and watching films just because they’re “cool.” Life’s too short.

    I’ve given up tweeting for Lent this year – as silly as that sounds – and I’ve given up trying to pretend I know anything about wine, especially as more than half a glass will put me to sleep.

    1. It took me too long to give up reading the “classic” book thing. I was slogging through a Virginia Wolfe novel after grad school, no reason in the world to be reading it other than that I “should.” I even finished the dumb book, but after that, no more.

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