Crazy for Maisie

I love a good mystery, and I hadn’t read one in a while — a good one that is.  I like mysteries with character development, a historical fiction element, and a twisty plot.  Enter in Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Weaver!  This series has been around for a while, but I’ve just stumbled on to it.

Maisie is a Psychologist and Investigator, working in London in the years between the great World Wars.  She started out as a maid, but due to fortunate circumstances and kind people, was educated at Cambridge and taken under the wing of another helper/investigator/doctor.

Maisie is one of those amazing characters that is so deliberate in movement and thought, you’d think she might be psychic.  But she’s not — she’s just observant.  I loved being in her world and in her head, surrounded by colorful and interesting characters.

I scavenged the first of the series from a closing Borders and found all the rest of the series there as well, but I didn’t buy them.  I could kick myself now for being sensible, waiting to buy the rest until I was sure I would like the series!  If you like mysteries, pick up Maisie Dobbs today — just stay away from my Borders.


2 thoughts on “Crazy for Maisie

  1. Yaaaay! Oh, I love Maisie – so glad you’re enjoying her too. (I got to hear the author speak/read last week in Cambridge – what a treat!)

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