My TV Ate Me

So…I haven’t posted in a while — in over a week.


Lent is over and I’m allowed to watch TV again.  So I did.  And I did.  And I did.

I watched all my saved Oprah’s.  Then I didn’t having anything else on the TiVo that I wanted to watch, so I switched to Live TV mode, switching back and forth between Glee and The Voice, neither of which I really enjoyed very much (though I do love any time Glee references Barbra, which they did that night).

And when I was through, I felt empty.  I had just spent 3 hours watching TV, not even very good TV.  I didn’t learn anything, was amused a little, but mostly kept watching merely because it was on, and I DID NOT want to turn it off.  I wanted to keep the noise going, letting my time be filled up with something easy.

Tonight, Ted and I watched all the episodes of The Office that we missed, except one.  I wanted to watch it, to keep it going, to finish the set.  Ted was done.  I’m amazed how he can just shut it off and switch to something else when I’m eager (maybe anxious) to keep it going.

So tonight has confirmed for me that I am not consuming my TV — my TV is consuming me.

After Ted and I finish all the episodes for this season, I think I’m done.  Once Oprah finishes her countdown, I’m out.  Once So You Think You Can Dance comes on the air, I’m….well, maybe I’ll go watch that at somebody’s house.

I’m sorry, TV.  But I think we need to have a little talk.  Really, it’s not you.  It’s me.


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