Did you know Bob the Tomato Makes YouTube Videos?

Bob the Tomato

Ok, so not really. It’s Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales — and the voice of Bob the Tomato. He has a YouTube channel named after himself and is associated with the Holy Post podcast.

In case I just said a bunch of words you don’t know the meaning of, let me explain. VeggieTales was a popular Christian children’s show in the 90’s and the 00’s. Usually they would reenact a Bible story with all their animated vegetable friends to show us a moral about how we should live today. It’s a cute show I grew up watching, and one that I’ve shown my kids as well. 

Anyway, when I saw that Phil Vischer had his own YouTube channel recently, I was intrigued. I was unsure if I wanted to watch anything, but a video about abortion caught my eye.

It was well-researched, measured, and would not make anyone feel pressured to change their values. It is definitely for an evangelical Christian audience, but one that does not have the bombastic nature of Fox News or the conservative-bashing bent of MSNBC. 

The take-away in the abortion video was not to persuade people to to become pro-choice, but to show that who we vote in for president won’t actual be the thing to lessen abortions. What reduces the number of abortions?  Better and more affordable healthcare for women. I’ll let the video do all the explaining, but it definitely worth a watch. 

While I don’t agree completely with all Vischer’s conclusions in all his videos, he does present our complicated American history in a visually engaging and informative way, helping us as Christians to understand how we should engage in the world.

Here are the videos I’ve found particularly interesting of late:

Race in America: Part 1

Race in America: Part 2

How Should We Vote? A Christian’s Guide to Approaching the Voting Booth

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